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About Katharine Duckett

Katharine Duckett is the award-winning author of Miranda in Milan, the Shakespearean fantasy novella debut that NPR calls "intriguing, adept, inventive, and sexy." Her short fiction has appeared on and in Uncanny, Apex, PseudoPod, and Interzone, as well as various anthologies including Disabled People Destroy Science FictionWilde Stories 2015: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction, Some of the Best from 2020, and Rebuilding Tomorrow: Anthology of Life After the Apocalypse, which won the 2020 Aurealis Award for Best Anthology. 


She is the winner of the 2022 CRAFT Amelia Gray 2K Contest, and also received a Golden Crown Literary Circle Award for Miranda in Milan. She served as the guest fiction editor for Uncanny's Disabled People Destroy Fantasy issue, and is an Advisory Board member for the Octavia Project


Originally from East Tennessee, she has lived in Turkey, Kazakhstan, and New York City, and currently resides in Beacon, New York, with her wife. She has multiple epiphyseal dysplasia and frequently writes about disability. She is a graduate of Hampshire College and Viable Paradise.

Katharine also works as a teaching artist and is a lifelong performer who has collaborated with Daniel Flores Dance in New York City to create multimedia theater pieces based on her fiction, including False Steps. Her greatest claim to fame as a child actress is that LeVar Burton once saved her from bees on the '90s CBS television show Christy

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